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Oct 27, 2008

I am not so much a baker. I've made cakes in the past that have been pretty good, though I use box mix. I can make excellent brownies (being at 1700 meters elevation makes that non-trivial, by the way). But I know that if I were to try something difficult, like shaping a cake into something cool, it would be a disaster.

That's why I have sympathy for these folks. I think they tried really hard, but maybe weren't quite up to the task. They weren't professionals, so I don't think that snark is called for, but still. Yikes. They did post their cakes in public places, so they're asking for it. And honestly, I wouldn't have known what that last one was had it not been in the context of the others.

Mrs. BA is an excellent baker, and maybe I'll ask her to make a cake like this for my birthday next year. If she makes one, I'll post pictures, and it'll be awesome. She's done Spongebob, Zim, and Kenny cakes in the past, and they were very cool. Maybe it's time to go 3D.

And if you want to try this yourself, this might help:

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