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May 5, 2008

Regular readers of this blog know that I turn a jaundiced eye to claims of sightings of supernatural beings in mundane objects. Mary in an oil stain, Jesus in the wood grain, angels in a window pane. I am of the strong feeling that these are random or semi-random patterns that our brains are desperately trying to make sense of.

Certainly there is no lack of examples. Just check out this very blog's pareidolia category.

Still, that's a jumble. Wouldn't you rather have your Messiahtings (say it out loud) all arranged in a nice, neat ordered list?

Sure you do! So head over to The Shark Book blog, where they list the Top 11 Jesus Sightings. Now, I don't necessarily agree with their choices on the list or the order (a shower sighting with no mention of Lenin?) but it's still a good one and shows, all in one place, how some people really really want evidence of their faith, a process I have always found a little bit like cheating. If it's faith, it doesn't need proof. And if it's real, then wouldn't the evidence be a little bit better than a smudge in a pancake?*

P.S. Yeah, I've seen the Jesus on the Ultrasound, too, and it cracks me up. It looks more like Nosferatu leaning over a victim. And there's more than one ultrasound sighting, too.

*...that looks more like Salvador Dali than Jesus anyway.

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