Face off against 17 sci-fi actors made ancient by old-age makeup

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

Applying makeup so a performer appears older is particularly tricky in sci-fi. After all, if someone is all wrinkly-faced in a serious drama, it's a good bet they're supposed to be old. But in sci-fi, they could be old, or melting, or phasing in and out of our dimension, or growing gills, or shedding their human skin, or any number of other freaky things.

So tonight's contestants on Syfy's Face Off (at 10/9C) face a challenge with unique difficulties, as they must use makeup to age a set of triplets. To prove aging makeup is not as simple as "put wax on their face and hold a lighter under it," here are 17 examples of sci-fi characters played by actors in old-age makeup.