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Spoiler alert! Facebook testing keyword filter that could avoid spoilers

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Jun 27, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

If you’re tired of your parents, friends, and overly close co-workers ruining your pop-culture experience online, Facebook may have a solution for you. The social networking giant is rolling out a feature for a small percentage of test users that would allow people to curate their News Feeds based on keywords.

So if you’re a little behind on the latest and, say, want to avoid knowing about Rey’s parentage, you can block out the term “Rey” for a select period of time. This could also be useful for dodging reactions to season finales (or any episode of Game of Thrones) that you’re not watching live.

According to Facebook’s News Feed Product Manager, Shruthi Muraleedharan, "Keyword Snooze" is a feature that filters posts based on the text in that post. In the post’s upper right-hand menu, you can activate the feature that will hide keywords for 30 days.

Take a look:

Facebook Keyword Snooze

Source: Facebook

That works for people, pages, and groups — though it’s unclear whether that 30-day time frame is a hard and fast number that can't be changed. Some users may find themselves further out of the loop than they'd like if they simply wanted to skip a weekend’s reaction to Westworld. However, this won’t affect the ads shown to you on Facebook, meaning that your previous interest in a topic may still manifest in targeted ads that get through the filter.

This feature will be slowly rolled out over the next week and, if it is deemed successful, will go wider in the future.