Facing your Friday the 13th fears could end up saving you money

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Jul 13, 2018, 3:42 PM EDT

If you’re watching the news today, it may seem as though all the Brits are out in force telling our president what they really think of him, but according to this report from The Independent, a whole lot of folks around the U.K. are staying in today, Friday the 13th, on account of a national case of triskaidekaphobia, aka the fear of the number 13.

Sure, Jason Voorhees may have made that fear a bit more rational, but letting triskaidekaphobia get the best of you can mean missing out on some money-making opportunities. The news source reports that Friday the 13th phobia isn’t just the most pervasive superstition in the country, but “potentially, the most lucrative.”

According to The Independent's research, there have been fewer home insurance claims throughout England during the past ten Friday the 13ths, and overall, those claims are for less money. The last three dates founds average claim costs down by £200, £69, and £373, respectively. Meaning folks are far more carful on this fateful day, and being careful, statisically speaking, is a money saver.

But insurance isn’t the only sector affected by Britain’s triskaidekaphobia, property is always quite a concern on this day as well. Judging from the stats, folks around the country don’t want to purchase property on the 13th either, or move to a property. And not only are there fewer properties and street names with the number 13 included, but those properties are far less valued. Which means there are bargains to be had.

Precious metals and other investments offer opportunities as well, with The Independent reporting that back in 2015, gold transactions dropped by an average of 39 percent on the date. And travel savings abound too: last year, flights to the U.K.’s 10 top destinations were around 8 percent cheaper on Friday the 13th, despite data showing that flying is actually safer on that day.

All in all, what this data shows is that if you’re willing to face your fears this day, you could end up saving a little money. Or you could just stay inside watching horror flicks all day.