Fake gossip mags show what a world with actual Avengers would really be like

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Jun 24, 2013

Because if the Avengers were real, the first thing the world would do is make up stories about their private lives. 

Remember how, at the end of Marvel's Avengers, they showed the people of New York talking about the team, emulating them, and oscillating between loving them and blaming them for the death and destruction of the city?

Well, the next obvious evolution of that is gossip magazines getting hold of the Avengers' stories. After all, why struggle with the ethical implications of a superhero team when you can just talk about who's sleeping with you, how to perfect your Tony Stark goatee, or what Thor's putting in his hair to keep it so silky smooth?

That's exactly what Tumblr site MediAvengers tackles, and it does so with aplomb. Here are five examples of fake articles that do a terrific job eviscerating our superficial gossip culture.

(via MediAvengers)

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