Fake trailer shows what happens when smart people star in stupid horror movies

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Oct 16, 2013

Horror movies tend to center around the less-than-intellectual crowd. But what if common sense reigned instead?

You know that part in the horror flick when you're practically shouting, "Don't go in there"? Well, what if the characters in the movie actually listened?

That's the premise of HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie, which takes a stab at every horror trope in the book. Whether it's slashers, monsters from hell or cabins in the wood, no subgenre goes unscathed.

Here's the official synopsis:

Imagine a realm where the most horrifying terrors of the underworld emerge to wreak bloody vengeance upon any who… hmm? what’s that? you wanna go literally anywhere else? yeah, good idea let’s get out of here.

Our only beef with this trailer is that there's no actual movie. And to that we say, well, hell no! Here's hoping director Joe Nicolosi and writers Nicolosi and John Freiler consider making a whole movie out of this. If nothing else, it would be infinitely better than the usual Scary Movie parodies we usually get.

(via Uproxx)

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