Fake DC Comics reboot ad better than any legit DC Comics reboot ad

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Dec 15, 2012

Happy New 52 Day! In honor of today's monumental (and controversial) realigning of DC's cosmic tumblers, resetting all storylines for its comic universe to #1, here's a hilarious unauthorized video ad that blows DC's REAL ad campaign into the neutral zone.

Many feel DC Comics' authentic 30-second advertising campaign, running in movie theaters and on TV, was a wasted opportunity to lure new eyes to its product and explain this historic publishing decision. With the might and money behind Time Warner, the parent company, you'd think we'd get something more than a few static images cobbled together into a lame montage. Where was the operatic score, the dynamic editing, the moving Morgan Freeman voice-over?

Well, to cleanse your palate, check out this spoof version created by Lumberjack Films and dream of what could have been.

Now outta my way ... that last Aquaman #1 on the shelf is all mine!

(via Bleeding Cool)

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