Falling Skies producers promises things get 'gnarly' later this season at SDCC

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Jul 26, 2014, 7:51 PM EDT

Steven Spielberg’s alien-invasion drama Falling Skies is currently barreling through its twisty fourth season at TNT, but the cast and crew promise things are about to get even crazier. 

The series has been through a few showrunners during its tenure, and when Battlestar Galactica alum David Eick took over this year, you could expect some big changes — and, boy, has he delivered so far. Eick has turned much of the show on its ear, throwing in new alien twists and locales as he shapes the story through his lens.

One big change was the addition of Lexi’s mini-utopia and the prison cities, and Eick explained that those starkly different places were a way for the writers to explore different “worlds” as they worked to bring the scattered cast of characters back together:

“In Tom’s world we were in darkness. Lexi’s world—it was light. It was almost like Munchkinland. In Anne’s world it was very gritty but stripped down.”

We’ve also started to see hints that the Espheni, aka the invading alien army, is dealing with some civil war within their own ranks. Eick said that’s an arc he wanted to dig into, and that concept will play a part in the remainder of season four and carry over into the show’s fifth and final season:

“These characters are not of one mind. They’re not just a hive-like simplistic being. They might have differences with one another. They might have feelings for one another. They might have jealousies that could get in the way of their agenda. In season 5 we’ll explore that further.”

Eick said he also wants to play around with the genetic-splicing angles they’ve been working in this season, to work up some “new variations on existing species” that he hopes will “scare the sh-t” out of viewers. We’ve already seen some of that in recent episodes, and Eick promised there’ll be more “terrifying” hybrid creatures to come.

Other tidbits of note: Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) will be going through a change that involves a glowing orange cocoon; and expect more from the mildly icky Ben-Maggie-Hal love triangle; Eick promises the rest of season four is going to get "gnarly."

Falling Skies is airing Sunday nights on TNT.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)