Fallout 4 trailer depicts a nuked-out Boston through the eyes of man's best friend

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Jun 4, 2015, 6:01 PM EDT

Here's the first heartwarming trailer for Bethesda Game Studio's long-delayed Fallout 4, starring Dogmeat (or a descendent) padding around the post-apocalyptic wasteland looking for his former pre-war family. 

Fallout's trademark open-world wandering is showcased here as Dogmeat roams the suburban wilds of the Boston area, embodied by the familiar landmarks of the North End, Charlestown and Old Ironsides herself, the USS Constitution.  We get a glimpse at the look of the world both pre- and post-apocalypse (with graphics that many are saying don't exactly look next-gen) with Ron Perlman's gruff narrator, hovering airships, cannibal zombies, Vault 111, patrol robots, marauding monsters, Paul Revere's statue, armored exo-suits and a radical rocket-powered antique warship.

No word yet of the official plot until Bethesda's big E3 presentation next week, but this is an absorbing preview of the horrors and heroics to come.  Have a look ...

(Via Gamma Squad)