Fallout developer reveals the Mad Max: Fury Road video game that could’ve been

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May 19, 2015, 7:17 PM EDT

It took a lot longer than planned, but most fans would agree that Mad Max: Fury Road was well worth the wait. But, on a less positive note, that lengthy delay killed what could've been a positively awesome video game.

George Miller has been trying to get Fury Road off the ground for the better part of a decade, and along the way he started collaborating with Interplay founder Brian Fargo on a potential video game tie-in for the game. Considering Interplay is responsible for the hugely-successful (and hugely-awesome) Fallout series, that would’ve been a very big deal.

Sadly, due to the fact that it took forever for the movie to finally ramp up, the deal fell apart. But, Fargo has opened up to Kotaku about what could’ve been. Check out his comments below:

"I got to fly with [Miller] to Whistler, Canada, on the Universal private jet–because Universal used to own half of Interplay–and spend three hours with him. [He] was familiar with Wasteland and Fallout and loved the work we’d done. So half of the ride was us fanboying and half was 'OK, let’s do something'. The movie had lots of fits and starts. The movie was at Fox for some of the time, it got announced and then it got canned. Then Warner Brothers ended up getting the rights, they had a relationship with Miller that goes way back."

Once Interplay was off the table, the video game deal eventually drifted over to WB Games and Avalanche Studios (see the trailer for that game, which is actually happening, below). Sure, Avalanche's game could be great, but we’ll always wonder what the Fallout team could’ve done in Max's corner of the barren wasteland.

What do you think? Do you wish the Fallout team would’ve kept the rights?

(Via Kotaku)