Family issues abound in Orphan Black's latest episode, "The Stigmata of Progress"

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Apr 29, 2016, 12:53 AM EDT

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 3 - "The Stigmata of Progress"

Last week's episode left us with a WTF stunner (even though most of us saw this uber-creepy clip months ago!). Sarah has a maggot-bot in her cheek. She doesn't know what it's there for or what it could do to her. We pick up this week with another bit of high-tech courtesy of Neolutionists - Rachel's new eye. Clone Kid Charlotte is curious as to how it's healing and Ira, a Castor Clone (who never interacted with other Castors) is taking care of her. Rachel is suspicious of him, knowing he's been away for a bit, and guessing they must be located in an isolated area. Her adoptive mother, Dr. Susan Duncan, hasn't visited recently. For those wondering if the involved-looking eye would stick around, it's not, as Rachel is getting pigment jabbed into her eye with a needle. 

Back at Rabbit Hole Comics, Hellwizard is playing tabletop with Kira! But she is not amused. I am concerned! Downstairs, the team is giving Sarah an ultrasound to get a closer look at the maggot-bot and announce it has an "attaching mechanism." Cosima also surmises it comes with an anesthetic so the hosts don't realize it's there. This is SO bad. Sarah thinks, if she can find Dizzy again, she can get more answers, but wants to tell Felix about the latest developments. Back upstairs, Hellwizard is the one not amused as Kira pushes the entire game off table. She's acting so off. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OUR KIRA?!?! After a tip from the team, Donnie sticks his tip deep into Alison's mouth. His finger tip. They're told that apparently Neolutionists get these maggot-bots voluntarily and the Hendrixes remember they have a Neolutionist in their garage! Donnie isn't thrilled with the idea of digging up Leekie but as Alison so precisely points out, "My sister has a robot maggot in her face. What do you want to do?"

At Rachel's Neolutionist hospital/prison, Charlotte is studying rocks (a girl after my own heart) while Rachel does rehab. Charlotte mentions "Adam's rib," a religious reference but, before they can discuss, Susan/mom is back. Rachel has a suggestion - "You can go to hell" - but is still forced into an awkward dinner with her and Ian. And in true "brother" fashion, he points out facial hair Rachel is apparently growing from hormone therapy. To change subjects, Rachel chastises her mother for failing to find the original but Susan has some news for her - Charlotte was cloned from Rachel personally. After 400 attempts. Ah, "Adam's rib." Just like any other family dinner, amirite?

Sarah walks in on Felix with company...a woman with a Southern American accent who thinks Sarah is a drug dealer. Well. Anyway, it's Adele, his biological sister. After Sarah insists a private audience, Felix says "She's cool!" and mentions she also happens to be a disbarred lawyer. In the state Sarah's in, she's not ready for new people, and in no way trusts Adele. Felix, in his own emotional place, isn't taking Sarah's conspiracy shit and they part on bad terms. Later, Felix and Adele have a heart to heart, trading family stories, and we learn they share a dad. He was an American who had an affair with a dancer in England. She died before he really knew her but Felix says he can feel his mom's presence. Adele's mom knew about her father's affair but not about Felix. He only revealed that big secret just before he died. I really hope Adele doesn't turn out to be a villain...

Sarah ignores what is likely a very important call from Mrs. S as she's looking for Dizzy. When she finds him, she plays the old sister card and convinces him to help by letting him feel her cheek. He's definitely a techy and has some theories on maggot-bots suggesting they may be used to monitor (upgrade from faulty human monitors?) or are a bio-delivery system. He also thinks the reason they're located in the jaw is because it's close to the brain. FUUUUUUUUUU. She pleads with him to help her contact M.K. but all he can give her right now is the name of the man in the video - Alonzo Martinez. Sarah heads to Art to fill him in and he's just spotted Detective Duko in his latest viewing of Beth's surveillance. He says he'll try to look for Martinez at work. Oh, Art, I didn't realize you actually still worked! 

Helena, adorably fresh from a shower or bath, is raiding the Hendrixes' fridge when Donnie asks her to watch the kids. He and Alison have a "project" in the garage. They jackhammer the garage floor until they hit something, and then get a whiff of a bad smell. A REALLY bad smell. Sometimes, screen gagging makes me gag but, in this case, it's hilarious. Also hilarious? That Donnie describes the smell as "Hot garbage juice." OK, maybe I am gagging. Sarah decides to finally answer a call from Helena, who tells her about the twins she's carrying. I'm not sure how she'll respond and then, "Meat-head that's huge!" Helena is happy because, "They will always have each other," just like her and Sarah. This is so cute my heart hurts, and it is bound to end in tragedy. Sarah asks Helena to give her belly a rub for her as the Hendrixes doorbell rings. Helena answers to find Detectives Lindstein and Collier investigating the triple homicide from the Portuguese garage. Ohh, right. 

Mrs. S is trying to get help from Benjamin to find a doctor who can work on Sarah's problem while little Kira is in a total trance on the floor. Cosima snaps her out of it thinking she's just tired but Kira relays a dream she says she was just having in which all the aunties were present and they set Sarah on fire. !!!Oh god!!! "You had to," Kira says, "She was changing." Oh, my, WE ARE TOTALLY OFF THE RAILS NOW, FOLKS. 

Donnie takes a breather from grave digging to find Helena in the living room with the police. They inform him the reason they're there is because they found one of Alison's school election fliers at Pouzihno's, a.k.a. Pouchy's, garage. When they ask who had access to the campaign materials, Donnie answers. They forcefully tell him he needs to let his wife answer questions directed at her and he politely answers back that he doesn't think that's legally true. Thankfully, before he gets into any trouble, Helena lists of several names from the campaign. Later, Alison explains it away saying, "She's a trained assassin, that's what they do!" Uh oh. They've finally hit Leekie! It's...not a great sight. They notice immediately he's got something going on with his cheek and grab Cosima on Skype. Donnie is hesitant to tell her how they have what they have but Alison replies, "She's a scientist and a lesbian, she's not going to let it slide." Oh, so anyway, remember THIS? 

Good times. Donnie tries to pass it off as something casual and quickly divert attention to the fact that they've got a maggot-bot they can really examine. And then he goes off to vomit. 

Sarah gets a quick update from Art, who says Martinez had a local address but was in Bogotá before that and made a short trip back recently to a dental clinic specializing in implants. He spots Duko at the precinct and mentions his unorthodox house call to Beth, but neither is ready to say more. Sarah sneaks her way into to the dentist, ignores another call, and gets stopped by one of the dentists (or dental assistant) who calls her Beth. This woman is very concerned, "They know you're digging," she says. She says she's exposed, too, because she witnessed the procedures, but Sarah explains she now has one of the implants and needs to get it out. The woman says she should be able to do it, but it's really dangerous. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte is doing some painting with Rachel, who tells her, "We all need to work harder to be a family." Ha! She mentions for a second time in the episode that Charlotte has been taking online courses, and as the camera turns toward the canvas we see a secret message, "Did you get my my message out?" Charlotte quickly paints "Yes" before coughing blood all over their picture like it's no big deal.

Mrs. S is out in the open, desperately trying to get a hold of Benjamin or Sarah when...Ferdinand shows up. He wants to know why she's looking into the Neolution tech, and then quickly realizes that one of S's closest must have a maggot-bot. S gets a call from Art, who thinks Sarah is in trouble. Uhh, yup, I'd say so.

At the dentist, the woman gives Sarah a shot (Sarah, you are so irresponsible for doing this), and a hella-scary device to keep her mouth open. The woman says she's going to poke at the maggot-bot, but that it is VERY IMPORTANT Sarah doesn't move at all, or else it will erupt and shoot toxin into her. Of course, now that she has her in this terrible position she reveals she had to call her superiors and they're on their way right now. She said her job was only to misdirect her (Beth?) and didn't know she was a test subject. "You're lucky to have been chosen," she says, and if Sarah could speak at that moment she likely would have replied, "Lucky? You're daft, you Neolutionist bitch!" But instead Ferdinand slips in quietly and slits the woman's throat. Oh, and she was just bluffing, "If she punctured it, you'd already be dead," Ferdinand calmly tells her. He also lets Sarah know he's been in touch with Rachel and that Susan Duncan is alive.

We get one more mother/daughter chat between Susan and Rachel. "I wanted to be your mother, but had to cut the cord," she tells her, with Rachel's blood pressure rising by the second, I'm sure. She's bitter her mother raised a Castor clone while she was raised by Leekie, went to boarding school, Topside, and Helsinki. Susan insists she wasn't meant to be involved in that last one, that everything she's done has been for THE GREATER GOOOOOOOD, to control human evolution and to create a more perfect human being.