A family under attack in first trailer for next season of The Walking Dead video game

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Dec 2, 2016

Telltalle Games’ episodic Walking Dead game series is arguably better than the show these days, and the new season certainly ratchets up the tension.

Subtitled A New Frontier, the new series introduces us to Javier and his family. Either they’ve been cut off from the outbreak up to this point, or the scene here takes place early in the fall of civilization. Javier’s grandfather passes away, and the family is not prepared for what happens when the dead start walking again. At all. But arguably the best part comes at the end, when Javier runs into a familiar face: Clementine. All (or well, partially) grown-up.

Turning Clementine into the tie that binds all these “seasons” together has proven to be a clever move, and watching a young girl grow up in the apocalypse has made for a fascinating journey. We can't wait to see where she's going next.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is set to arrive on just about every video game platform Dec. 20. 

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

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