Fan chops off nose to better resemble the Red Skull. Yes, really.

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Feb 4, 2015, 6:15 PM EST (Updated)

"Fan" is an abbreviation of the word "fanatic." While we're okay with being called devoted, even obsessive, many of us will stop short of lopping off our noses to honor our favorite characters. But we're not Henry Damon.

The Venezuelan lopped off his nose to look more like Marvel supervillain, and Captain America foe, the Red Skull. This is in addition to receiving dermal implants, plus tattooing his eyeballs black (yes, it's a thing) and his face red.

We've seen some outré body mods in our time, but this is one of the more extreme.

For reasons that are not explained in the Daily Mail article, Damon admires the Red Skull, aka Johann Schmidt, an ally/member/leader of HYDRA, who was a murderous thug even before Hitler personally recruited him. Obviously, Damon sees something likeable enough in the villain to want to emulate him. 

The loss of a nose does not affect the ability to smell, but according to, "particles get stuck in nasal mucus before dripping or getting sneezed out. Without a nose, you'd end up inhaling more dry, dusty air." This will leave you more susceptible to colds.

Constantly ill and grouchy? No wonder the Red Skull is a villain.

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