Fan creates thrilling 'concept trailer' for IT: Chapter 2 starring Jessica Chastain and more

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Sep 4, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT (Updated)

We won't be seeing the sequel to Andy Muschietti's smash hit Stephen King adaptation IT for another 18 months, but the impact of the first film means it's hard for many fans to stop thinking about IT: Chapter Two, despite the long wait. The first film is now the highest-grossing horror movie ever, and it got there without the help of any major movie stars.

For Chapter Two, which will follow the Losers Club as adults returning to the town of Derry to face Pennywise once again, that's set to change. Established and even massive stars can take on the characters, and the child actors embodying the roles of Ben, Bev, Bill, Eddie, Mike, Richie, and Stan already have some ideas about who they'd like to see play them as grown-ups. Now, one fan has taken at least a few of those ideas and morphed them into a very effective "concept trailer" for IT.

As with many concept reels meant to depict a particular tone using pre-existing footage, the concept trailer cut together by Rafael Araujo (posted to the P. Parker videos YouTube channel) uses footage from several films you might recognize. Araujo then weaves it all together with existing footage of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) from the first film, adds some carefully place color matching (including a moment done entirely in red that's particularly memorable), and creates what basically looks like a single, shocking trailer.

If there's a secret to this impressive piece of editing, it's a less-is-more approach. Araujo doesn't overdo the footage of the adult actors in an attempt to craft whole scenes within the trailer. This is about setting a tone, not trying to replicate the whole plot, and in that respect the concept trailer really succeeds.

As for casting, Araujo used many of the same actors the young cast has already named as who they'd like to play them as adults, most notably Jessica Chastain (who's reportedly in talks to join the sequel) as Beverly. The rest of the cast includes Patrick Wilson as Bill, Chris Pratt as Ben, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mike, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Stanley, Bill Hader as Richie (perfect casting), and Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie. Check out the concept trailer below.

IT: Chapter Two arrives September 6, 2019. We're still waiting for the adult Losers Club to assemble for that film, but even if the final cast looks nothing like what's in this trailer, it has us excited all over again.

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