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Fan-generated infographic maps out all the ways Black Mirror's Bandersnatch can go

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Dec 28, 2018, 3:26 PM EST

A very dedicated fan has just created a map of all the different paths that the groundbreaking new movie Bandersnatch can take. Get ready, it's a lot.

Netflix unleashed the standalone Black Mirror movie at midnight PT this morning (Dec. 28) and is dominating the pop culture conversation today with the film, which revolves around a young programmer's attempts to create an interactive new video game even as his own life seems to be wrested from his control.

The mind-bendingly meta concept extends into the way viewers interact with the film itself, which uses branching technology to let viewers make choices for the protagonist that can propel the story in literally millions of different directions.

While those countless permutations are not all necessarily noticeable or change the story in a meaningful way, it has been established that there are five main endings to the story and several variations on each of those. Perhaps with that in mind, a Reddit user named Alpine claims to have spent four hours mapping out all the different major story choices and paths that the film can take. Have a look:

Bandersnatch Story Infographic

Credit: Alpine (via Reddit)

The map cleverly incorporates the so-called "wrong choices" that will force the viewer — and the hero, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) — to go back and relive certain portions of the story. It's extensive, not necessarily complete, and will mean nothing unless you've already watched Bandersnatch. It is, we suppose, entirely full of spoilers too — but since the movie can change every time you watch it, do spoilers actually exist for it?

It seems we'll be discussing and debating all the different aspects of Bandersnatch for days and weeks to come, especially as more people view it and find hidden new ways to alter the storyline. We're not even sure if Bandersnatch can properly be called a movie — it might be something entirely new. You can use the infographic above (and thanks to Alpine for the effort), but the real pleasure of experiencing Bandersnatch may be diving in without a map.