Fan petition launched urging Netflix to greenlight a Punisher series from Marvel

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Apr 5, 2016, 12:46 PM EDT

Considering Jon Bernthal’s well-received performance as The Punisher in Daredevil’s second season, it stands to reason a series focused on Frank Castle could certainly be kicking around development somewhere. Well, now some fans are trying to help kickstart the process.

A campaign has kicked off via a fan petition pushing for a Punisher series. On paper, The Punisher is arguably a bigger comic property than Daredevil (he’s had two films already), so you'd imagine Marvel would be interested in capitalizing with a spinoff series. Heck, if Iron Fist can make the cut, why not The Punisher? You’d have to imagine his appearance in Daredevil was an extended backdoor pilot testing ground, and considering where the character was left at the end, a spinoff series could certainly fit the narrative.

Here’s the petition’s pitch:

I and many Marvel fans would love nothing more than to have a Jon Bernthal Punisher series on Netflix. Netflix, you showed us that you can and WILL make The Punisher great. We as an audience have adored Jon in this role WAY further than you expected. You created him and now we feel you must continue to show how incredible he is/you are. We understand your time constraints and we understand the nature of Hollywood. All we ask is that you greenlight a Punisher series. We do not wish to mess with your current timetable we know is planned. We just wish to hear the confirmation of a series that is WELL BEYOND DESERVED.

If you’re just dying to see Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle unload buckets of bullets on a bunch of thugs, follow the link and throw your weight behind the idea.

What do you think? Do we need more Punisher?


(Via Change.org)