Fan Sights Gift Guide: Steven Spielberg, Batman, X-Men and Sherlock gather for very important viewing

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Dec 8, 2014

'Tis the season for binging, and we don’t just mean pie and ham. During the holidays, you can find time to kick back and binge-watch movies and TV shows while you battle the bliss of a food coma. And the best part of binge-watching is that you can do it with the superfans in your life who are the recipients of DVD/Blu-ray boxed sets and collector’s editions. Typically as stuffed as a turkey with extras and glossy booklets or other tchotchkes, home entertainment gift sets are an all-around fun experience to share. With that in mind, we’re dedicating our third gift guide to Fan Sights -- very important viewable suggestions to make everyone on your list feel gratefully gifted.

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