Fan splices together Prometheus and Alien: Covenant for epic sci-fi odyssey

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Sep 22, 2017, 10:55 PM EDT

Whatever your opinions are about Sir Ridley Scott's Alien sequel/prequels, 2012's Prometheus and last summer's Alien: Covenant, there's no doubt they are ambitious in vision and elegantly filmed affairs, despite their narrative flaws.

The movies, taken together as a whole, balance each other out, with the wonders of outer-space exploitation and extremely bloody body horror injected into the Alien mythology.

Filmmaker Job Willins knows his Alien movies, and also happens to be a master of the fan edit, chopping up and remastering existing theatrical cuts of sci-fi films to create something new and provocative. He delivered Derelict in 2015, joining scenes from Prometheus with 1979's Alien, and again for Man of Tomorrow, meshing together Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

His latest project is Paradise, an ambitious fan edit combining Prometheus and Alien: Covenant and following Michael Fassbender's unstable android, David, as the main narrative focus. Willins also interspersed deleted scenes, rarely seen promotional material, and imagery used in trailers and TV spots that never made it to the finished films, scoring them with different snippets of music he acknowledges in the credits.

"The goal was to intercut material from both films to tell a story in a way that favors the strengths of both," Willins explained on his Tumblr site. "With a runtime of about 2.5 hours, I aimed to enhance much of the excitement and mystery from the two films by unfolding them in parallel and playing them off one-another. This method also allowed opportunities to emphasize the major theme of creator/creation relationship that runs through both stories and hopefully achieve a unique viewing experience rather than merely a significantly abridged double-feature."

You can download Paradise (taken from Covenant's original title, Paradise Lost) on Willins' Tumblr page HERE and see for yourself if the underwhelming hyper-violent effects of Covenant can be enhanced via the visual splendor and sweeping mystery of Prometheus.

Check out the trailer above and tell us if it incites your natural curiosity for an unorthodox marriage of two controversial sci-fi flicks.

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