Fan turns quadcopter into a Star Wars Imperial speeder bike

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Dec 17, 2018, 10:00 PM EST (Updated)

Fan Adam Woodworth loves the epic fight scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke and Leia evade stormtroopers on Imperial speeder bikes (known to the deeply geeky as the 74-Z speeder bikes). He also loves playing with remote control toys. But unlike the rest of us, who just rewatch Jedi for the millionth time, he's combined those two loves and turned it into something even more lovely.

Woodworth modified a quadcopter (a small rotary-winged aircraft), a Hasbro Power of the Force series Speeder Bike, a mini stormtrooper, a remote control and a camera. He then came up with the action scene of every fan's dreams.

According to Woodworth, writing for Make.com, one of the challenges was making the quadcopter look like a speeder bike. The other challenge was weight:

The power combo could accommodate about 600g of extra mass, the bike was around 475g, so there wasn’t much left for the rider. The stock rider had a barbie doll style body, that weighed over 200g without the armor or clothing. To cut the weight down, I made a new body out of pipe cleaners and a variety of old Nerf darts (any round foam would work). A 6mm carbon tube runs through the Skeleton, and mounts into a hole drilled into the bike seat. The skeleton only weighs aroun 15g, and is much more flexible than the stock one. The boots and legs are zip tied to the bike to keep the legs from getting sucked into the rotors.

It took way more time and effort than most of us would put into it. But the results prove that Woodworth doesn't have too much time on his hands: We don't have enough.

Check it out.

(Via Make.com)