Fan collects 94 pairs of underpants from Doctor Who's women

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Dec 14, 2012

If you think you're a collector of Doctor Who memorabilia, we don't care how obsessive that collection is, because a guy named Andy Cable—who's managed to assemble 94 pairs of knickers from women who, both on screen and off, helped create Doctor Who—is here to put you to shame.

For example, check out this pair that once belonged to former companion Billie Piper.

About these, Cable writes, "The guy who sent these to me said she was wearing them once in an episode of Doctor Who with the werewolf. I reckon this was probably 'Tooth and Claw.'"

So how did this unique collection get started?

I first started collecting knickers in 1983 when at the Longleat Exhibition I was sold a pair of Janet Fielding's underwear by a make-up lady. But let me be clear on this; there is nothing "perverted" or "weird" about my collection. We all collect things we like, and I find knickers more personal than an autograph on the back of a plastic cup.

To date I have ninety four pairs of knickers which I think you'll agree is a wonderful achievement! I have built this collection up by begging, borrowing and on three occasions stealing. I like to write to female Doctor Who celebrities for items of their clothing and over the years it's become pretty clear to me that the way to ask is to not refer to their "knickers" but their "feminine undergarments".

Cable is still hoping to track down knickers from the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Jasmine Breaks to complete what he calls his "pantheon of pants." We'd wish him luck ... if we weren't still somewhat speechless.

(Doctor Who Girl's Knickers via Topless Robot)

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