Fan creates ridiculously authentic Blade Runner costume (22 pics)

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Dec 15, 2012

Blade Runner was a film from 1982 with a 1940s film noir feel and a retro-futuristic look. Even the clothes were a collision between past (Rachel's hair and dresses), 1982 present (Deckard's ties) and the future (glow-in-the-dark umbrella handles). One hard-core fan liked the look so much that he went all-out to get it for himself.

Fan Mr. Webber recreated the wardrobe of character Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford), as well as the props he used ... down to the newspaper he carried in his pocket. (Mr. Webber unveiled his creation this last year, but we feel his fantastic work deserves even more Internet love.)

Even the briefcase and its contents are copies of Deckard's. Mr. Webber describes his hunt for geeky perfection on The RPF, a site for props and costumes and the fans who love them.

For example:

The blazer is a cream herringbone coat that I had dyed to a very light orange. The original appears bright orange on screen but a picture of it at auction reveals a lighter shade.

Mr. Webber also notes that the shoes are the official shoes "worn in the film," but he sadly does not reveal how he managed to get his hands on this pair.

So now we have to ask, if this wardrobe is a replication, does that make its wearer a Replicant?