Fan-made Ender's Game trailer makes us giddy for the real thing

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

A film adaptation of Orson Scott Card's titanic novel Ender's Game, about a brilliant lad with a gift for war, has been mired in development hell for decades. Which is a shame, as it's ready-made for cinematic awesomeness—and this amateur-assembled trailer shows the way.

Of course, "the way" involves footage from Star Trek, A.I., Starship Troopers, Serenity and Hitman—but it's still incredibly effective at stoking the desire to see a movie that doesn't exist.

Last we heard, Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) was on board to write and direct Ender's Game for Odd Lot Entertainment, which made Frank Miller's Spirit movie. We wish he, or somebody, would just get it done.

(via Topless Robot)

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