Fan-made Harry Potter supercut will charm tears from your eyes

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Dec 16, 2012

Homesick for Hogwarts? Feel that lump in your throat? You will after viewing this 15-minute, three-hankie homage to the Harry Potter-verse crafted by YouTube impresario "TheManBatman" using images and scenes from the entire franchise.

This epic tribute was a labor of lust, requiring this dedicated superfan to edit more than 16 hours of footage from all eight films and musical scores. The video follows an organic flow, traveling through its labyrinthine narrative using theme, plot and structure to encapsulate the monumental work. The rewarding result is a loving salute to the filmmakers and actors who inhabited that wizardly world for more than a decade, distilled down to its potent visual potions.

Revel once more in Muggles, Mudbloods, Witches, Warlocks, Dementors, Dursleys and Dumbledores, all seen through the talented eyes of cinematic craftsmen who conjured these rare moments from the pages of Rowlings' endearing books. Obviously, spoilers abound, so beware.

Relive the memories and pocket your personal passions. Weep if you must; we don't mind. Just wipe off the keyboard when you're done.