Fanboys' Kyle Newman to go all Emo Boy next

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Fanboys director Kyle Neman said that his upcoming film adaptation of Stephen Emond's cult superhero comic Emo Boy is at the top of his list of projects to tackle next.

Emo Boy follows a self-ostracized high school kid who's so dang emo that he develops emo powers; think Edward Scissorhands meets Heathers.

"There are a couple of projects that I'm very close to," Newman said in an interview last week while promoting the Feb. 6 release of Fanboys. "Emo Boy is definitely one that is near the top. I love the project. It's based on a really great indie comic book. The writer has a tremendous voice, and it's in the spirit of a lot of movies that I like. So it's close."

Newman added, "And it's also trying to examine a subculture and trying to do it justice, which I think we all pulled off with Fanboys pretty well. But that's my plan with Emo Boy, to really embrace the music and culture and stuff that I enjoy and look at it in a fun way. It's got superpowers tied into it. It's a really cool story. So I'm very close to that one, and we're talking about casting it soon."

Are other projects more likely prospects?

"There are one or two things that I can't really talk about that are also close," Newman said. "There's an independent thing which I like. And when you get to a certain point, it's almost like a race, because there's stuff that you like and stuff in different stages of development and also in different stages of reality. So there are a few projects that are actually very close, but Emo Boy is, I think, closer than all of them."