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Fandom Files #2: Gundam super-fans start a talk show about building robots

Nov 15, 2017, 3:15 PM EST

Welcome to SYFY WIRE's brand-new podcast, The Fandom Files!

The Fandom Files is an exploration of different fandoms, featuring conversations with hardcore geeks and members of fan communities to discuss their nerd origin stories and the inner workings of their chosen worlds.

SYFY is all about fandom, celebrating the love of genre entertainment and the people who obsess over it most. This podcast will move the focus from the people who speak at Comic-Con to the people who attend, telling the incredible stories of dedication and love in the fan community. The hosts are SYFY WIRE Features Editor Jordan Zakarin and Newsweek pop culture reporter Emily Gaudette. The guests? Could be you! 

In our second episode, we speak with Gundam super-fans who are turning their passion for the anime and gunpla models into amazing collections and their own YouTube talk show. Brian Dencklau, Jeremy Figueroa, and Leondra Whitley of the Gundam Builders NYC have spent enough time and money building custom action figures and statues that it's not so much a hobby as a way of life.  

On the show, we discussed the many different Gundam anime series, shopping in old-school Chinatown basements, getting grandmothers into building toys, and how to sing Japanese lyrics you don't understand but still love.

Listen below!

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