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Source: Phil Nobile, Jr.

Fangoria celebrates return with retro Halloween cover

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Oct 3, 2018

There’s nothing as essential to horror as the concept of rising from the dead, so its grand tradition of reboots, remakes, and revivals in film is no surprise — even when the seemingly immortal slashers of its biggest franchises need to erase their pasts to return. That spirit applies to horror fandom as well, seen as classic horror film magazine Fangoria returns to print (and only print) this October with a cover straight out of the schlocky archives.

Under the leadership of new editor-in-chief Phil Nobile Jr., the magazine has rescheduled itself as a quarterly that vows to be a retro as retro allows — which can be seen not only in Vol. 2, Issue 1’s cover design, but in its cover’s teased content.

Check it out:

Fangoria cover final

Source: Phil Nobile, Jr.

Michael Myers is right there, front and center, as if nothing had changed since his launch in 1978 (the same year that Fangoria was originally concieved). There’s also blurbs about the ‘70s remake Suspiria, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel that never made it to film, and the oddball Puppet Master/Nazi film Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. “We’re back!” and “He’s back!” in perfect parallel symmetry.

With contributions from genre staples Eli Roth and Chuck Palahniuk adding onto the throwback vibe, the issue, which shipped out to subscribers on Oct. 2, is sure to spark a horror fandom renaissance worthy of its reboot culture.


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