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Fangrrls Debate: Who has the best Marvel facial hair?

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Like many other outlets and businesses, we use Slack for our inner-office-network-behind-the-scenes communication. It's there that some of our greatest debates and deepest discussions take place. Some go on to become thought provoking pieces, but most of which never see the light of day. But sometimes a discussion is so important and such valuable commentary on the current state of our society that it needs to be shared and discussed. With that in mind, please enjoy our first installment of Fangrrls Debate, where we rip a conversation from our Slack channel and invite you, our fellow geeks and readers, to sound off and let us know your thoughts either in the comments or on Twitter, where we ineviably will run an equally important poll because journalism.


Cher: We have to have a VERY IMPORTANT DEBATE. Like, NOW.

Clare: Yes?

Tricia: ...

Swapna: ?

Carly: hmmmm?

Preeti: What up?

Cher:  I'm seeing pics from D23 and... we need to discuss Best Marvel facial hair. Because apparently,Marvel's Phase 3 = Lumberjack.



Cher: So, Hemsworth is by far the worst. He looks like it’s a beard wig. Do actors wear beard wigs?

Preeti: Evans or Stan

Tricia: Evans for me. RDJ's is too groomed. And yes, but they call them fake beards.

Preeti: I think i'm responding to Sebastian's hair and face. So i'm sticking w/ Evans

Cher: Listen, I try really hard not to stan Evans. But JFC I wanna *CENSORED* with that beard.


Tricia: Haha.

Cher: Although Sebastian’s a close second. I'd be the meat in that sammie, no problem.

Tricia: I don't generally like facial hair but it works for him.

Cher: RDJ looks  too much like this guy I always see on Dlisted. Ugh, what’s his name??

Carly: Honestly my first instinct going with those is Evans. Pratt's looks good, too.

Preeti: Evans just… it just suits him so well.

Cher: I can’t even deal with Evans.

Preeti: I maybe lost it a lil when I found out he was gonna bearded as Cap. Like maybe just a lil bit.

Cher: I have a weird love/hate with him. I think I make myself hate him bc I can’t deal.

Preeti:  hahahaha

Tricia: You like his face but his brain is so bad at picking projects.

Cher: SO BAD. Also, once in a while he says something problematic or a little too “one with the universe” and it’s like, keep it together, man. But mostly it’s like “ugh f*ck off you’re hot and funny but whatever bc everyone’s on your jock so I can’t be bothered with you.”

Shana: I’d say bearded Evans, but I prefer bearded Pine.

Cher: Pine looks like a homeless college professor with a beard.

Preeti: I


wanna put my hands in Chris Pine's hair tho. Like ...I just wanna do that.

Cher: Pine does have good hair, even when it’s dirty.

Tricia: Homeless college professor is definitely his aesthetic.

Preeti: yup

Carly:Pine's hair is LUSH

Preeti: Like that shot from the Wrinkle In Time trailer when he's in the yellow prison. I was like “hello!" 

Cher: Do you think Tom Holland can even grow facial hair?

Preeti: Damn it i have a meeting. DAMN IT. I HAVE A MEETING WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT SPIDER-MAN.

Cher: He would need a beard wig.

Carly: hahaha Preeti hates us rn

Tricia: Pine with stubble works better than him with a beard. Like prove that you can grow a beard just don't go full hobo.

Carly: I dunno, I kinda like Pine's beard.

Cher: THIS GUY is who RDJ’s beard reminds me of.


You’re all welcome.

Carly: liiiiiike I'm kinda into this


Which I think is how he has it in the Wrinkle in Time trailer.

Cher: 10 bucks Rebecca would think Cumberbacth has the best beard bc Strange is the only one who rocks a cape.

Shana: If they ever make cape beards, look out.

Cher: what would a cape beard be? a cape made of hair? or do you mean beard capes as in a cape you wear on your beard?

Rielly: Would a cape beard be a beard so long you can swing it behind you?

Tricia: This is my favorite Pine.

Cher: Pine has some serious boyband hair in that gif

Shana: I love that gif.

Tricia: I love that scene.

Cher: Pine looks like he would play Kenickie in a Grease remake.

Tricia: He would definitely play kenickie.

Cher: ok so, I think we’re mostly all agreed Evans is the clear winner here. I hope someone adds this illustrious award to his Wiki page. 

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