Fans announce pregnancy with Star Trek: The Next Generation clips

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Apr 26, 2017, 1:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans have ways of inserting their fandom into real-life realness. Marriage proposals. Weddings. Wedding rings. What’s the next, ahem, logical step if you’re about to have a baby and you’re a Star Trek fan? A geeky birthday announcement, that’s what.

YouTuber Nokem—whose channel mostly contains clips of video game footage of Rocket League and Star Citizen—posted this clever video under the title “We Have an Announcement.”

Nokem and spouse could have just said, “We’re pregnant.” Instead, they used clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Galaxy’s Child.” In this episode, the Enterprise finds an immature life form. But rather than the original version, they superimposed their sonogram onto the screen.

Hilariously, when Picard says, “Magnify,” we get a close up of the kid-to-be.

It certainly beats Data’s line: “There’s a high concentration of ionizing energy growing in the center of the body.”

(Via MightyMega)