Spider-Man PS4 fans are buzzing over J. Jonah Jameson’s new podcast

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Sep 11, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

The new Spider-Man game for the Sony PlayStation 4 is full of worldbuilding moments that make the player feel like they are stepping into the webbed shoes of Peter Parker himself. Almost every corner of the game is packed with detail, but there is one recurring feature that has more than a few fans positively buzzing with enthusiasm. 

You may think that you have all of the basics down about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but this game will make you think again. Not everything is exactly how it usually is in this game, and though it doesn't change the Spidey lore quite as much as Telltale did with its Batman games, there are plenty of changes to the Spidey status quo that will take some getting used to. 

** SPOILER WARNING: From this point forward, there will be spoilers for the new PS4 Spider-Man game. If you want to go in cold, then shoot a web out of here right now. **

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Peter Parker does have a job in the game, because it's not like he's ever going to be Spider-Man full-time — the pay would be, well, nothing. One of the biggest changes is that he doesn't work for the Daily Bugle. That's mostly because the Daily Bugle as we know it does not exist anymore in the world of the game.

What, then, you may be asking, happened to the head honcho of the Bugle, persistent Spider-Man/Parker nemesis and anger enthusiast J. Jonah Jameson? Is he still in the game? The good news is yes, Jameson is in the game. The better news? He's very, very present in the game.

Jameson has finally embraced new media, everyone! Heaven help us. He has become a conservative podcast pundit, complete with his own show. You are able to listen to this podcast whenever you like in-game, with some players getting a little too absorbed in the entertaining Mr. Jameson. 

One player tweeted that the JJJ podcast is so good that he listens to it over and over again. 

Another user tweets praise for the actor behind the character, Darin De Paul, and states how the performance distracts him from his main missions: 

There is no avoiding Jameson's critiques, even if you don't play the game at all. If you don't play the game for a span, another player noticed that Jameson will openly wonder where Spidey has gone: 

What if it's a slow day for Spider-Man news? One player tweets that Jameson will just start making up stories about Spidey, one of them involving him eating pigeons. We don't think he actually does this, but we'd certainly listen to Jameson try to convince us.

The Jameson moment that really has fans salivating all over this in-game feature, however, is the tidbit heard in the clip below, tweeted by yet another player

You probably heard him just fine, but Jameson makes a reference to "Nazis made of bees." This may sound crazy, but there is actually a character like this in the Marvel Universe. He doesn't appear in the game, but the villain Swarm is, quite literally, a Nazi made of bees.

As an impressed player tweets perfectly, references like this show how much the creators of the game love Spider-Man. 

What outrageous thing will J. Jonah Jameson say next? Will future DLC packs give him even more vitriol to spill? How many hours are players prepared to lose, not even playing the game, but just listening to this man rant on and on?

Spider-Man is available right now, exclusively on the Playstation 4. J. Jonah Jameson's podcast is, we assume, ongoing.