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Fans climbed a 2,000-foot cliff for a particularly precarious Mission: Impossible screening

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Aug 2, 2018, 5:42 PM EDT

They say art imitates life, but sometimes, it's the other way around. To help ring in the theatrical release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, around 2,000 fans climbed to the top of a 2,000-foot cliff in Norway Wednesday night, just so they could attend a special screening of the film.

Since this is one major franchise that prides itself on its death-defying stunts and jaw-dropping set pieces, one would be hard-pressed to think of a better way to enjoy the sixth installment. 

Tom Cruise wasn't present, but voiced his support on Twitter for the brave souls who made the arduous four-hour trek up the cliff, which goes by the name of Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock/Preacher's Pulpit in English. Below the cliff is the beautiful and naturally-occuring Lysefjord, a landmark that came about from the movement of glaciers during the planet's ice ages. 

"2,000 feet, 2,000 people, 4 hours of hiking," wrote Cruise (or possibly whomever runs his social media account). "The most impossible screening of #MissionImpossible Fallout. Thank you all for coming! I wish I could have been there."

Pulpit Rock served as one of the real-world shooting locations for the action-packed, helicopter-heavy climax in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Taking place in the Indian region of Kashmir (at least in the reality of the film), the final moments of the movie find Ethan Hunt (Cruise) hanging onto the cliff for dear life, while also attempting to prevent a global nuclear disaster. 

One of the reasons that the screening was held at such a precarious location was to remind the world of the cliff's real geographic location, reported Norway Today. After the screening finished at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, the audience had to retrace their steps down the cliff. Fortunately, the path was lit with 200 spotlights, but the hikers were still told to bring their own lighting equipment as an added precaution. 


Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures


Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Having arrived in theaters last Friday to near-critical acclaim, Mission: Impossible - Fallout has made nearly $200 million at the worldwide box office.