Fans petition Eye of Sauron to gaze from San Francisco’s tallest building for Halloween

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Oct 29, 2018, 11:32 AM EDT (Updated)

What do The Lord of the Rings and Halloween (the holiday) have in common? We don’t know either, but this is definitely one of those times when you probably don’t have to overthink a thing in order to throw your full support behind it.

A group of LOTR fans is petitioning owners of San Francisco’s tallest building to do whatever it takes to set the Eye of Sauron high above the city this All Hallow’s Eve, collecting signatures at to “raise the torch on Halloween night as one community, together.”

Petitioning as “The Fellowship,” the group was only a handful of signatures away from surpassing the campaign’s 10,000-signature goal to “turn Salesforce Tower into Eye Of Sauron on Halloween Night” at the time of this article’s posting. The brand-new tower, all 1,070 feet of it, was completed this year.

In Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy, the giant disembodied eye sat high above Barad-dûr, Sauron’s dark fortress, casting Mordor's fiercest gaze over Middle-earth. But these petitioners don’t appear to have anything quite that sinister in mind. In fact, they seem to be using the Eye in a totally novel way — as a symbol of unity everyone can rally around while setting aside their political differences.

“We invite the organization to fly a flag for all who dare to dream, uniting the districts, strengthening the ties, and fortifying the bridges by lighting an LED fire atop this sanctuary city,” the petition states.

This isn’t even the first time someone has tried to put the Eye of Sauron at the top of a skyscraper: A group of artists tried the same thing back in 2014 in Moscow — but that plan was scrapped after public outcry from religious and public leaders.

Here’s hoping the theme of unity behind the San Francisco version resonates in time for Halloween. After all, “[i]t has been said that bonds are formed through shared experiences, the strongest of which are forged in fire,” as the petitioners explain.