Fans start online petition for Constantine series DVD release

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Apr 4, 2016, 11:37 AM EDT

NBC’s short-lived Constantine series didn’t light the world on fire ratings-wise, but it did inspire a fervent fanbase before the network decided to pull the plug. The fans have pretty much given up hope on a second season, but now they’ve set their sights on a target a bit more reachable.

Fans have started an online petition to push the studio to release the first season on DVD or Blu-ray, since legitimate options to buy and watch the series are few and far between (it’s available on iTunes, for what it’s worth). But some fans still like to physically own things (we’re crazy that way), plus a DVD release would hopefully dig up some commentaries and special features. Hey, there’s no second season — so are some goodies too much to ask for?

The series was a solid take on the Hellblazer comics, and Matt Ryan’s version of John Constantine was pitch-perfect. Ryan made the jump over to Arrow for a cameo once the series was axed, which fans hoped might help stoke some interest in a physical release, but it doesn’t seem to have pushed the needle (despite an uptick in Arrow's ratings). 

Fan effort or not, at this point, it seems like a long shot for Constantine to score a DVD release. They’re typically used to promo a second season, which doesn’t work here, and the potential audience for something like this is arguably fairly finite (though, considering how big comic-book stuff is these days, you’d think it could have some upside with an affordable home release). 

But, much like Constantine himself, the Hellblazers will never stop fighting.