Fans think they spotted a secret code hidden in the latest episode of The Walking Dead

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Jan 3, 2019, 5:02 PM EST (Updated)

The latest episode of The Walking Dead was a 90-minute affair, which brought Negan on his first trip to Alexandria. He also brought Daryl with him, and fans think he may have been sending Rick a super secret message.

The episode, titled “Service,” saw Daryl return to Alexandria as a prisoner of the Saviors. When Rick asked for him to be released, Negan deferred to Daryl, who didn’t say anything — though he did blink. A lot. Now there’s a theory floating around that he could’ve been blinking out a Morse code message to Rick. It might sound far-fetched, but a Morse code board has been shown in Alexandria, so it stands to reason the survivors would know it (and you’d think Daryl probably picked it up at some point, too).

Fans have been trying to decipher the possible message, and believe it says something to the effect of “6 miles east of Hilltop,” “State Highway 6 East,” or perhaps something else related to “Hilltop.” A warning, perhaps? Or maybe he’s trying to tell Rick the location of the Saviors’ real base of operations?

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