Fans hope plastic dinosaurs can save Fox's Terra Nova

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Dec 16, 2012

Knowing that new Fox shows Alcatraz and Touch have debuted to some fairly solid numbers, Terra Nova fans aren't just going to sit back and wait for the asteroid-I-mean-ax to fall on the B.C. time-travel series.

So, with rallying cries from series star Jason O'Mara via Twitter, fans have started a campaign to send plastic dinosaurs to the Fox office in support of the show. The tactic follows what fans of other shows have done over the years with everything from peanuts to Pez dispensers.

The series debuted to solid ratings this past fall but started to slip as the season wore on. With rumors that the show is fairly expensive to produce, the network has remained mum on whether it would be back for a second season.

It's likely Fox was waiting around to see how Touch and Alcatraz performed before making a final decision on Terra Nova, and sadly for fans of the dino drama, both new series have done well.

Hoping a groundswell of support could sway the tide, and fans have already founded a "Save Terra Nova" Facebook page, and O'Mara is using his personal Twitter account as a staging area
for the effort.

Considering the show's ratings are steadily in the toss-up range, fans had better bury Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly in his own miniature Jurassic Park to show the love.

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