Fantastic 4 writer explains how they're more 'scientific adventurers' than superheroes

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Jul 23, 2014, 3:49 PM EDT (Updated)

After all the confusion surrounding the new Fantastic Four film, writer Simon Kinberg is trying to set the record straight on exactly what kind of movie they’re making. But we’re still a bit confused.

Kinberg chatted with Latino Review about the film in a lengthy interview and addressed recent mixed-up comments by Kate Mara saying it wasn’t entirely based on the comics. According to Kinberg, the reboot is definitely based on the comics and is a “celebration” of what’s come before — just not any particular run. It seems they’ll be including elements from the classic series, the modern-day books and especially the Ultimates line.

Oh, and in an interesting twist, Kinberg actually doubled down on those recent remarks from Michael B. Jordan, aka the new Human Torch, saying the team wouldn’t really be superheroes. Kinberg agreed, explaining they’ll actually be more like scientific adventurers than straight-up comic heroes. Check out the excerpt below:

“I actually think that this Fantastic Four movie is sort of a celebration of all the Fantastic Four comics that have preceded it. We have elements from the original Fantastic Four that there’s a sort of optimism and inspirational quality to the film. In some ways a comedy that was really distinct in the original Fantastic Four. Also, the notion of this dysfunctional surrogate family that comes together and has to work together is very present in the movie that owes a great debt to the originals. And this idea that they are scientist and that it’s almost like this science adventure, more than being superheroes, they are almost like scientific adventurers, that’s a big part of the movie too. We also owe a lot to the Ultimate’s and the current crop of Fantastic Four comics and you’ll see that.

I don’t want to give anything away but you will see it in the details and a lot of the story telling. It’s really sort of inspired by all the different history of the Fantastic Four comics. I think what Kate meant, and I read that comment, I think what she meant which was right is that it’s not based on any one run. Days of Future Past was obviously based on Days of Future Past comic run and that was something that I could easily give the actors to read and they’d know the whole story. In this case because we are really snatching details, story lines, moments, action sequences from across the whole gambit of the decades of Fantastic Four, there isn’t one comic that defines the movie.”

Hmm. Okay, that does make a little more sense. The scientific-adventurers angle could be a solid fit for the retold origin story. Since, you know, they are scientists and get their powers from that arena. That could work. Maybe.

So when will we actually get to see anything from the film? Not at San Diego Comic-Con later this week, at least according to Kinberg, who went on record as saying they will not be showcasing any footage or goodies this week. The reason? They want to make sure whatever they show off is perfect, so they’re taking their time instead of rushing something off to the con. Considering all the mixed buzz, that’s probably a very wise move. Whatever they eventually do debut needs to be fantastic (no pun intended):

“I can definitively officially tell you that there will not be anything from Fantastic Four at this year’s Comic Con. We are still very much in the middle of shooting and we don’t want to show anything until it’s ready and it’s not ready yet. We want the first stuff that we show from the film to really blow people away, and it will but we have got to wait until it’s ready.”

The film is tentatively set to debut in June 2015. What do you think of Kinberg’s comments? Do they put your mind at ease?

(Via Latino Review)

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