Fantastic Four producer says reboot is more 'science' than 'science fiction’

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May 9, 2014, 1:42 PM EDT (Updated)

With work on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four finally ramping up, the team behind the reboot is opening up a bit more about the approach. Apparently, we shouldn't expect it to be too sci-fi. Huh?

Simon Kinberg, writer and producer for the film, chatted with Collider about the story they’re cooking up. Not surprisingly, he seemed to double down on what we’ve been hearing about that “realistic, grounded” approach they’re taking this time around.

Kinberg also made an interesting comment about the sci-fi aspects, noting they’re aiming for a more scientific approach to the story of Marvel’s First Family. Considering these are characters who can catch fire, stretch their bodies, turn invisible and clobber things as a giant rock man — we’re anxious to see what, exactly, he means:

“[T]he thing that is most unique or defining about the new Fantastic Four is the tone. We’re approaching it in a much more realistic, grounded, science rather than science-fiction way. The playfulness or goofiness of those other movies is very, very different from what we’re trying to do, and that is true for the production design, the casting, the storytelling. But you never know until you get on set how it’s all gonna start to feel, and just seeing those actors and seeing Josh, the way he’s articulating the tone and the way the actors are executing it gives me a lot of confidence that we’ll actually be able to make a cool Fantastic Four movie…

I think everyone was on the same page about the approach to the story in terms of wanting it to feel like it had the tone that Josh was very clear about, which is real, grounded, dramatic.  How we executed that changed as everything changes when you’re revising and rewriting a script, and I think in some ways I caught up to Josh’s tone.  He had such a clear idea for what the tone of the movie was gonna be, and I learned it and then executed it on the page.  I think we all were very committed to this version of Fantastic Four, the specifics of how the story evolved and stuff like that was like it is on any normal movie.”

Sure, the previous Fantastic Four films almost went a little too far with the campiness, but this is inherently a “fun” franchise. Not everything needs to be given a grounded adaptation. I mean, if you’re basing it more in “science,” what real science can give people these zany superpowers? Sometimes you can take the idea a bit too far, and we're hoping Trank can find the balance.

What do you think? Is this the right direction for Fantastic Four?

(Via Collider)

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