Fantastic Four producer says they're 'figuring out' how a sequel could work

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Sep 14, 2015, 3:13 PM EDT

Though the story is a complicated one, there’s no denying Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot was a muddled mess of a movie. So, what does the man tasked with developing a sequel have to say?

Producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) worked closely with Trank on the film, and in his capacity at 20th Century Fox is now tasked with putting the pieces back together to see if the franchise is actually salvageable. The studio greenlit a sequel before the first film opened (to scathing reviews and a terrible box-office take), and Kinberg told MTV he remains “really focused” on developing the next installment. 

Here’s an excerpt from Kinberg’s take on the first film and what he had to say about a sequel:

“I was obviously disappointed. I was most disappointed that fans didn’t like it. I care more about them than I do anyone else. But I haven’t done a full deep dive on it. Do I think it was unfairly treated? I don’t know.

Every time you make a movie, you want to make a great movie. It’s a ton of time and effort you put in. We made that movie in the sweltering heat of summer in Baton Rouge and I was there every day of photography. You’re waking up every morning being like, I want to go make a great movie. It was an opportunity to do that. I do believe there is a great ’Fantastic Four’ movie that we’ve made with that cast. So I’m gonna figure out what that is … We’re figuring out what that [follow-up] movie would be. like that to happen.”

Though Kinberg seems mildly confident that a sequel could happen, Fantastic Four co-star Kate Mara (Sue Storm) was less certain, billing it as “unlikely.” But she added that she would “love to play Sue Storm in a movie that everybody loves.” So would we, Kate. So would we.

It’s nice to see Kinberg admit the problems with the first film, and if a sequel does actually move forward, he and the creative team need to do some soul-searching to figure out how to tell a good Fantastic Four story. Who knows, maybe they’ll call up Trank’s old writing pal Max Landis and pull his rip-roaring script off the shelf?

(Via MTV)