Fantripping: 10 travel essentials for Star Wars Celebration

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Apr 11, 2017, 11:30 AM EDT

Star Wars Celebration is happening this week, and every Jedi, Sith and Grey Force Wielder from a galaxy far, far away is set to descend on Orlando, Florida, to share in the events. Whether you're planning to attend to take part in any of the numerous cosplay events and competitions, fan events thrown by the nerdy news outlets, review shows and podcasters that keep the fandom alive during the cold spells of production -- or hoping to catch an early hint at what Luke Skywalker's first words of the new trilogy are going to be -- traveling to get there can be tough!

Lucky for us, we live in the golden age of the geek, and Star Wars stands above them all. There are a ton of cool Star Wars-themed products that can be found anywhere from Wal-Mart to Target to Etsy that can help you travel in style and ease. In order to make sure you have the best experience, we have compiled this list of 10 Travel Essentials for Star Wars Celebration.

BB8 USB Car Charger ($30)

ThinkGeek has an entire collection of Star Wars products good for the Jedi on the go! Car chargers can be found in a wide variety from any gas station across the world, so what makes this adapter so wonderful? Well, it’s BB8 for one thing, the cutest droid in the galaxy. For a consumer who can’t afford the Sphero BB8 droid for around the house, this one will travel through the stars with you! Here is an adorable and effective way to ensure that your all-important cellphone remains charged if you are heading to Star Wars Celebration by car. Plus, if you’re using it to navigate then BB8 is your co-pilot! The ThinkGeek exclusive also makes sounds, its head swivels and the optical sensor lights up when charging either one or two items from the built-in USB ports.

Rey Throw Blanket ($10)

Regardless of whether you're traveling by car, rail, boat or plane, one of the paramount concerns of the modern traveler is warmth. No matter how uncomfortable your seat or how hard the floor is that you find yourself waiting on, if you can be warm, it goes a long way. This Rey travel blanket from Wal-Mart is not only very affordable and easy to get your hands on but also incredibly lightweight and soft. It will bring a touch of comfort to everyone’s least favorite part of the trip to Star Wars Celebration, and with Rey adorning the outside, the 40" x 50" blanket is sure to instill strength in its owner as well.

Darth Vader Headphones ($75)

In spite of all the enthusiasm and excitement that always encompasses the journey to Star Wars Celebration, sometimes a bounty hunter just needs to be alone with their thoughts. If you have a really important podcast to catch up on before you arrive or want to rewatch the latest season of Star Wars: Rebels while you race across the country (or even across the world!), these wired, foldable Darth Vader headphones will do nothing short of heighten your auditory experience. The on-ear, leather memory foam phones feature noise canceling while at the same time warning anyone who might seek to interrupt you that you could possibly be capable of Force choking them if they bother you.

Chewbacca Travel Mug ($25)

Whether you identify more with the Light or Dark Side of the Force or prefer hot or cold beverages, this fuzzy Chewbacca Travel Mug has got you covered. It definitely makes a bold statement about your love of the Star Wars fandom and exactly who you'd trust your life -- and the integrity of your beverages -- with. There is even the super-fun added bonus of a button along the bottom edge of the travel mug that plays multiple Chewbacca’s classic Wookiee cry!

R2-D2 Luggage Set ($140)

Are you a cosplayer or someone with a lot of audio or video equipment? Macy's has your back with this adorable R2-D2 luggage set that proves, once and for all, he is the droid you’re looking for. Either pair of bags come with a significant warranty that should hold up to even the most aggressive Sith-inspired packing practices. With Star Wars Celebration being a four-day long event, this luggage set should be able to house all of your most essential belongings.

Princess Leia Tote Bag ($18)

When you arrive you can’t just go around the convention with your R2-D2 luggage set, stylish though it may be. So this minimalist Princess Leia Tote Bag from Etsy is sure to help with the daytime convention transition. It's a beautiful and simple homage to the most important female character in the Star Wars canon while remaining sizable enough that a geek-on-the-go can carry any important pieces of equipment, costume embellishments or swag you may need throughout the day. Plus, it’s sturdy!

Ahsoka Tano Pillow ($25)

This 12" Ahsoka Tano pillow is a great companion to the Rey blanket listed above. Bring the best character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars along to inspire rest and relaxation. Even a tiny little hand-stitched pillow like this one can provide such profound relief from the stresses and strains of travel. Not only that but, from this particular Etsy seller, your Ahsoka Tano pillow almost doubles as a travel companion because she is so tiny and cute! Who wouldn't want to use Anakin's padawan to bring a little comfort into their Star Wars Celebration trip?

Boba Fett Wallet ($40)

Her Universe, owned by Ashley Eckstein, who provides the voice for the aforementioned Ahsoka Tano, produces a variety of outstanding Star Wars clothing and accessories for your day-to-day geeky needs. This Boba Fett wallet in particular is an essential piece for anyone attending Star Wars Celebration. When traveling, you need a billfold that can do more than your average wallet. You might be collecting business cards along the way or need to have an ID or passport in order to travel with greater ease. A sizable wallet such as this is the perfect solution.

Anakin’s Lightsaber Flashlight ($17)

Like lightsabers, flashlights can be an incredibly useful tool. Not only are they good for finding things in the dark during those late nights or early mornings at Star Wars Celebration but they can also double as a weapon when a wayward bounty hunter or smuggler gets the drop on you. For people who are really clever they can shoot a video with this 10" light with sound effects as a prop, and presto, you can star in your own lightsaber duel. Although, mostly, you're going to wind up needing to find things in the dark more than you could possibly imagine, and this is a cool one to have.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag ($150)

ThinkGeek's tauntaun sleeping bag was originally intended to be an April Fool's joke that got way out of hand because we wanted them! Lodgings are difficult at big conventions, and this sleeping bag ensures comfort and warmth no matter what wretched hive of scum and villainy you wind up bedding down in. Besides which, you'll absolutely have the most amazing sleeping bag of all your fellow attendees! The tauntaun sleeping bag (with built-in pillow and a little lightsaber zipper) is worth the investment because it doubles as shelter for when you find yourself waiting in line for Hall H at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Which of these Star Wars Travel Accessories are you definitely going to pick up before your trip to Celebration?