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Far Cry 6's gameplay trailer reveals Giancarlo Esposito-starring game where you shoot 'Macarena' CDs

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May 28, 2021, 9:54 PM EDT (Updated)

The Far Cry franchise is making a loud, bombastic return after taking the last two years off. This afternoon, Ubisoft dropped a gameplay reveal for the upcoming Far Cry 6 ahead of its newly announced October release date, and it'll have you doing the "Macarena."

Far Cry is defined in part by its lush locations, and this new entry in the open world franchise will take players to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, ruled under the oppressive regime of Anton Castillo, as played by familiar baddie Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad).

Described during the reveal by narrative director Navid Khavari as the studio's "most ambitious open world yet," players will take on the role of guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas, who will lead a revolution to take down Castillo. If you've played one open world game, you know what to expect: hijack vehicles, liberate outposts, and kill plenty of people. You could kill them with regular guns, or your bare hands, or you could use a minigun made from the engine of a motorcycle, or a gun that shoots CDs playing Los del Río's hit song "Macarena." 

All of this is being done in the name of freedom from Castillo, and that potentially includes his teenage son Diego, played by Coco's Anthony Gonzalez. Diego has been groomed to follow in his father's footsteps, but maybe he can usher in a new era for the Yarans, depending on what Dani (and the player) does. Ubisoft did their homework when it came to this game's development, to the point of interviewing actual guerrilla fighters. But if you keep up with the developer, you should probably know not to go into this game about starting a revolution against an evil dictator with the expectation of any actual politics

Originally, Far Cry 6 was scheduled for this past February, but was later delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As revealed during the gameplay reveal today, the game will now release Oct. 7 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.