Far out: NASA's Voyager 1 craft has officially reached interstellar space

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Jul 8, 2014

Where no one has gone before. It's been zipping through space since 1977, and NASA’s Voyager 1 has finally made it into interstellar space.

Back in August 2012, NASA scientists let the craft finish up its journey through the solar system and kept it heading on out into deeper space. Now scientists have been able to analyze additional measurements the craft made in the wake of a massive solar eruption known as a coronal mass ejection (CME).

The confirmation that the craft had reached interstellar space was announced this week, thanks to some additional data from a third CME shock Voyager 1 observed in March of this year. By reaching interstellar space, it essentially means the craft has made it into the massive, empty expanse that exists between solar systems.

Scientists say the new data being transmitted by Voyager 1 is so intriguing because it allows researchers to figure out the conditions outside our heliosphere. The findings could go a long way in helping us eventually design interstellar spaceships (you know, once we make warp drives), so we’ll have a real example of the conditions in the dark emptiness of space.

What do you think Voyager 1 will find in the years to come?

(Via Space)

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