Farscape cast members reminisce 15 years later

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Mar 19, 2014, 4:31 PM EDT (Updated)

All day on March 19, we're celebrating the 15th anniversary of Farscape's premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel with some of the talented people who brought this influential space opera to life.

It's been 15 years since we first watched astronaut John Crichton travel through a wormhole into a new world full of aliens and living ships on Farscape. The Jim Henson Company production won us over easily during its four seasons and single miniseries with its quirky characters and unforgettable stories. For the cast of Farscape, all these made the experience more than just another job.

Looking back, Gigi Edgley, who played Chiana and will be the host of Syfy's Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge starting March 25, told Blastr the series was one of the best journeys of her entire life.

"Before I fell into the world of Farscape, I knew a little bit about sci-fi, but this threw me into the deep end, and I'm so fortunate. I never looked back!" she said. "It was a beautifully made show from the writing to the makeup to the prosthetics and the energy ... Farscape was such a strong family all the whole way through."

Edgley has many fond memories of the show. She said just walking onto Moya and the other sets made you feel body, mind and spirit like you were on another planet.

"Every moment you walked onto that set was completely mind-blowing," she said.

For Paul Goddard, who portrayed Stark, Farscape is still a very special part of his professional life, and he wishes all the best to Scapers everywhere on this anniversary.

"It doesn't surprise me that Farscape remains beloved by many people and continues to capture new devotees. I think it has the kind of magic and otherworldliness that the shows I was passionate about as a child had — shows such as The Avengers, Lost in Space and Star Trek," Goddard told us. "These shows and Farscape have the power to transport you to fantastic places, unimagined worlds, peopled with bizarre creatures in even more bizarre outfits. And like the shows I loved, Farscape has heart, humor and wacky characters in abundance. It never took itself too seriously, either."

Rebecca Riggs, the actress behind commandant Mele-On Grayza, said she feels very lucky to be a part of the Farscape journey and the Scaper family. She told Blastr perhaps the most powerful impact of the show has been the connections and bonds between Scapers.

"Friendships and support networks and loves grew from a shared passion for a show I was part of. That is a pretty astounding feeling!" she said.

Riggs can actually keep track of how much time has passed since the Farscape family parted ways because her son Dante made his acting debut as her belly bump in the mini-series The Peacekeeper Wars.

"It's amazing to me that so much time has passed. The whole of this person's life! I look forward to watching the show with him and his sister one day, discussing choices and power and honor and love," she said.

Recent news making the rounds about a possible sequel film is exciting not just fans, but the cast as well. Edgley told Blastr it would be so good if Farscape reappeared as a movie or miniseries.

"Never say never. You [fans] brought it back once already!" she said.

Goddard thinks, "It would be awesome to be part of a Farscape reunion." He always believed the show would not end at season four.

"It seemed given the love, the passion and the faith of the fans that a fifth season was inevitable. And I'm so very glad to be able say I was proven right — not a fifth season but a mini-series, which was a wonderful way to see it out," 

Clearly, the Farscape cast, like the fans, would love to see more stories told in this fascinating universe. It's a shared dedication and love that few other shows can match. David Franklin, who played Meeklo Braca, is not surprised the show has remained so beloved after all this time.

"At the beginning I had absolutely no idea it would become a perennial favorite," Franklin said. "But as the series progressed, I saw that we were making something pretty special."