Fascinating Jurassic World fan theory claims the raptors were always on Chris Pratt's side

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Jan 3, 2019, 5:02 PM EST (Updated)

The Internet is an amazing place, and gives fans of just about anything the space and medium to think way too hard about them. This week’s fascinating fan theory is brought to you by Jurassic World.

Reddit user Dazric has put together a surprisingly well-thought-out theory surrounding Owen (Chris Pratt) and the trained raptors in the Jurassic Park sequel. As anyone who has seen the film knows, a major plot point revolved around Owen’s raptor squad seemingly switching sides to work with the Indominus Rex. Well, Dazric makes an excellent case for why we misinterpreted that entire thread and the raptors were never working with Indominus. They were just confused.

Check out an excerpt from the theory below and let us know what you think:

Near the climax of the film, Owen leads his trained but wild raptors on a hunt for the Indominus Rex. In the movie, the raptors had been portrayed more-or-less like real animals, specifically intelligent pack hunters, with Owen being considered the alpha and having control and authority over them. Being the first generation, they are probably not so good at communicating with him and understanding what he wants them to do, leaving them to try and guess at it. When they hunt the Indominus, it's with people who they have seen Owen, their alpha, fight with, and who he is obviously hostile towards. When they finally find the I Rex and it appears they're siding with her now, instead of turning to look at the humans in general, as they would if they were going to attack, they look at Owen specifically, probably for guidance or instruction on what to do.

When Hoskins has them start shooting, in the resulting confusion the raptor pack has to act on its own, and being still mostly wild animals, hunt the perceived threat that is the other humans. They do attempt to meet up with Owen, who, incorrectly, thinks the "raptors have a new alpha," but they fail. One of them is killed by a rocket, but shortly before that, she appears as if she might defer to Owen with regards to the kill she had just made, with him being higher in the pecking order.

I have two more proofs, and I think they make it pretty conclusive. The raptor that kills Hoskins showed up when Hoskins was getting close to and being aggressive towards Owen. The raptor doesn't surprise him or even look at Owen, instead she vocalizes,getting Hoskins' attention, and then she immediately interposes herself between Hoskins and Owen, keeping her back to Owen in what is probably a defensive posture. She certainly wouldn't have done it if she thought Owen was a potential threat. She later crashes through the glass after killing Hoskins to rejoin Owen, only stopping when the Dilophosaurus appears, engaging another threat.

My final, and possibly most important proof, goes back to the start and end of the raptors supposed "side change." When they rejoin Owen against the Indominus, he never does anything to show or reassert dominance over the Indominus and the rest of the pack. He didn't have to, because he had always been considered the alpha, because the Indominus /never/ did anything to assert dominance over him.

It’s one heck of a theory, and the author makes some surprisingly good points. What do you think? Is this the secret plot point we all missed?

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