Fascinating mini-doc digs into Blade Runner's dark, future image of Los Angeles

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Jan 13, 2015, 12:47 PM EST

Set in 2019, Blade Runner created a dark, Tokyo-esque spin on the future that almost singlehandedly created the visual style that informed just about every sci-fi dystopia that has followed. This new 6+ minute mini-doc from filmmaker Colin Marshall digs into the neo-noir stylings and its fascinating vision of L.A.

Here’s the full description for Los Angeles, the City in Cinema: Blade Runner:

"Blade Runner"'s future noir, proto-cyberpunk vision of a Los Angeles both post-industrial and re-industrial, both first-world and third-world, has remained in the more than 30 years since its unsuccessful first run the definitive image of the city's future. Using a combination of studio backlots, scale models, matte paintings, and actual Los Angeles architectural landmarks, the film imagines a "retrofitted," Japanified Babel of a megalopolis that, through the name of the film, still stands for a thoroughly realized dystopia — and, increasingly, a tantalizing one.

The video essays of "Los Angeles, the City in Cinema" examine the variety of Los Angeleses revealed in the films set there, both those new and old, mainstream and obscure, respectable and schlocky, appealing and unappealing — just like the city itself.

Check out the full mini-documentary below and enjoy this brief deep dive into the L.A. we’ll be living in come 2019:

(Via Colin Marshall)