Fast & Furious director will tackle a Highlander reboot

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Who said there can be only one?

Summit Entertainment is going to reboot the popular Highlander film franchise by handing the reins to Justin Lin, director of Fast & Furious.

He will direct from a script to be written by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

The reboot will reportedly deal with an immortal Scottish swordsman who must confront a murderously brutal barbarian, who lusts for a fabled prize (or Prize?).

Unclear how much, if any, of the previous franchise's mythology will figure into the reboot.

Fans know that the franchise kicked off with 1986's awesome, loopy first movie, starring American-born, Swiss-raised Christopher Lambert as the immortal medieval Scots highlander Connor MacLeod and Scottish-born Sean Connery as an immortal Spanish nobleman with the improbable name Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. The fact that Connery's Scots accent remained intact and was better than Lambert's only added to the film's charm.

Central to the franchise's increasingly Byzantine mythology are the sword battles in which one immortal beheads another to acquire his or her energy.

And while the first film supposedly ended with MacLeod as the last immortal standing, there always seemed to be more in the wings: The hit first film spawned four successively worse sequels, plus a pair of well-regarded TV shows (starring English actor Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod and Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda), not to mention an animated series, an animated movie, an animated flash-movie series, 10 original novels and 17 comic-book issues.