Father and son sculpt scrap metal into life-size Transformers art

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Jun 21, 2017, 4:32 PM EDT

Father's Day may have passed but there's never a bad time to hear touching stories about fathers and their kids building bonds, especially when it’s bonding over making giant metal robots. 

Back in 2010, on the Hunan province of China, farmer Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun set out to make their first scrap metal Transformer sculpture out of actual car parts found in a scrapyard. Untrained, the father and son duo taught themselves how to work with metal, to cast it, forge, heat treat and weld it, to sculpt with discarded metal and recycle trash and transform it into refined geek art. The Yus’ story is one of the latest in a documentary series produced by the Great Big Story, where they show "amazing people doing improbable things." 

TheYus' first attempt was seven feet tall, not knowing if what they were doing would work. Now, their latest creations tower as high as 49 feet. What’s even more fantastic is that the Yus who were initially inspired by Transformers, have pushed themselves to create original designs, which are arguably even more beautiful works of art and they can leave behind that is something truly original, something they can call their own.

It’s a wonderful little tale of strengthening relationships between family, creativity and never being afraid to try something new because you just might find a new passion. Regardless of how good or bad Transformers: The Last Knight winds up being, you can rest assured that there’s at least two people who are doing their best to treat the task of bringing Transformers to life as high art.