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Fear the Walking Dead 409: The midseason premiere shows a storm's brewing

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Aug 12, 2018

In this episode...

Despite the uncertain unity we experienced in the midseason finale, our group is fractured now. Strand has taken over an enormous, ritzy property, where he spends his days getting drunk from the fully stocked wine cellar and Luciana loses herself in music. Alicia has moved out to the garden house, where she is killing zombies, hoping to find clues to a mystery she has discovered.

June and John are living in a bus with Charlie. John is healing very well, and June is slowly allowing herself to care for people again. Charlie, however, isn't doing as well. She refuses to speak, and doesn't seem to have any desire to fight off zombies if she is attacked. She's not quite suicidal; she just doesn't protect herself from impending death.

Morgan has realized he wants to return to Alexandria. He invites his newfound friends to join him, and while Al agrees to drive him there, no one else seems interested in going.

Spoilers ahead for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 409: "People Like Us."


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The Storm 

I can't believe neither Walking Dead universe has had a hurricane yet. While I absolutely loved seeing zombies thrown around like dolls, it felt a little unrealistic because the rain was falling straight. I live in Los Angeles; we rarely get rain at all, let alone enough for it to fall sideways. But I do know that wind will whip rain around like crazy. That made the scene itself less realistic, and the flying zombies seem much more cartoony. In the best way possible. I am totally ready for Zombnado.

Are they sending Morgan back to TWD?

After one season on FTWD, are they going to send Morgan back to The Walking Dead? It's almost like, "Okay, I had fun here, everyone was really nice, but I'm going home now." I'm not sure how I feel about that. Morgan is a great character, regardless of which iteration of Dead he is on, but I don't like the idea of him - or anyone -  bouncing back and forth from show to show. It feels like it muddies the waters. Just because Marvel can do it with their Avengers universe doesn't mean it works for everyone.

Luciana and her musical fugue 

This was one of my favorite scenes ever in FTWD. Strand sees the house has been breached. Then we go to Luciana, lost in her world of music, as usual. With her back to the door, she doesn't hear or see the zombie sneak in behind her, or Strand attack it with gusto. As an audience, we hear only the music, and we see the zombie battle out of focus, forcing us to live the scene in between Strand and Luciana's points of view. It was great.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia living for Madison

When Alicia finds notes pinned to walkers that scream for help, it becomes her crusade to figure out where the notes are coming from, and rescue the sender. It is an interesting tactic, but one that would send up huge warning flags for me. If the person in trouble could get close enough to pin notes to the chests of zombies - then turn them around and send them out into the world - why couldn't they kill them? To me, I would think it was a trap. It almost was. Alicia finally figures out that the notes have been tacked to the zombies with pins decorated with the symbol of a nearby lumber mill. When she and Morgan get there, it is too late. The note-writer has succumbed to the zombies. It was an interesting conceit that was over quickly, which is good - then you don't have to waste a lot of time thinking about how stupid it was.

John's scrabble board

Made out of cereal boxes, John takes DIY to an apocalyptic level. Respect. 

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