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Fear the Walking Dead 411: Beer and Poop in Mississippi

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Aug 27, 2018, 4:39 PM EDT (Updated)

In This Episode...

...we follow Morgan. He is looking for Alicia as the storm picks up, and he takes shelter in the back of a truck. He falls asleep, and when he wakes, he finds himself in a truck stop in Mississippi. The truck stop is loaded with supplies, and it appears that this is where a lot of the "take what you need" boxes come from. Morgan meets Sarah and Wendell, who are running the operation. After an attempt to look for his friends (he can't bring himself to go back), Morgan decides to return to Sarah and Wendell and get them to transport him back to Virginia. Along the way, he finds a man, Jim, a master brewer, bound and blindfolded and being chased by walkers. Morgan saves him and takes him along to meet with Sarah and Wendell.

When they arrive, we discover that Sarah and Wendell were the ones who abducted Jim in order to get his brewery supplies. Now that they've been discovered, Sarah and Wendell tie up Jim and Morgan and take them as they head to Virginia, hoping that when they get closer, Morgan will tell them where they are going. When the truck gets stuck in a ditch, they start offloading some of the supplies, and Morgan falls down an embankment. He scrambles atop a car to avoid some swarming zombies, but Sarah has no interest in saving Morgan, even after he gives up the location of Alexandria. Left alone for hours, Morgan finally saves himself and sets out on foot. Along the way, he meets back up with Sarah, Wendell, and Jim, who are annoyed to discover that Morgan gave them the wrong location of Alexandria. Morgan, still idealistic, agrees to tell them the right way to go -- but only if they take him, pick up his friends, and leave supply boxes along the way.


Photo Credits: Ryan Green/AMC

The second half of the season has gotten so much better

Fear the Walking Dead has had a rocky history of quality. I hated the first two seasons, then found the show got a lot better when they moved in with the militia. The first half of this season was rather bland, a mish-mosh of plotlines that we have seen countless times before, mixed with a major character death that I saw coming seven episodes ahead. But the back half of this season has really picked up. Last week's Alicia episode was a standout, and this week's episode was quite good as well. Plus, I have to admit, I love the zombie-nado aspect of the storm, and the comical way zombies are just wiped out by storm debris.


Photo Credits: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan poops

Everyone poops, and the characters in a zombie apocalypse are no different. It is one of those things that is not often mentioned in shows like this, but something I think about with a frightening frequency. If there is no running water, where does one take a dump? On the side of the road? Between that and the body odor, life in the zombie apocalypse seems like the smelliest life imaginable. So I commend Morgan, who, when he sees the opportunity to poop in a toilet, he takes it.


Photo Credits: Ryan Green/AMC


Jim's obsession with wealth and status

Throughout this episode, Jim is obsessed with wealth and status. He talks about how he had finally sold out to a major beer conglomerate before the world went to hell. I find it interesting that, even in the face of the zombie apocalypse, he still wants to be the wealthiest, most important person in the world. As a beer brewer, he has a good chance of being just that, given how much people love beer. But I would think that, as the world is swirling down the drain, you may have slightly more down-to-earth desires. 

The woman at the other end of the radio

We have a new antagonist tonight: a woman who, at first, seems to be kind and altruistic. When Morgan first reaches her on the radio, she claims she is behind the loot boxes, and she sounds almost too good to be true. Of course, in the last scene of the episode, we find out she is. It appears that she killed the man who was really behind the loot boxes... and now she keeps him tacked up to the wall like a trophy. I am eager to see what kind of hell she will deliver.

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