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Fear the Walking Dead: Bad things happen at mile marker 54

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Sep 16, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

In This Episode...

Everyone survives the Filthy Woman's attack, but when she runs out of ammo, she decides to try to talk to them/attack them with her pet zombie. It doesn't last: The truck blows up, which lures a herd of walkers their way and sends Morgan, June, Sarah, Jim, Luciana, and Wendell (with no wheelchair, he is dragged on a chair set on a slab of wood) to the streets. All are injured, except for Jim. Morgan leads them to a hospital, figuring that at the very least they can catch their breath.

They hole up in the hospital, but it is surrounded by zombies, and the doors won't hold very long. There is a frenzy as they look for safety on upper floors. The top floor offers them a few minutes of safety before the dead start pouring in. Al turns on the generator, which means they can get the elevator working, which means they make it onto the roof. It is quiet up there, zombie-free. But Al never made it up. They have no way down. No supplies. And Jim has been bitten.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Charlie arrive at the meeting point but find only the burned-out truck. Alicia decides they are going to keep looking for them, and they drive off in a random direction. When their truck runs out of gas, they continue on foot, Alicia insisting they can find gas along the way. Of course, they don't. Alicia finally admits that she doesn't know where Morgan and the rest of his group are; she doesn't even know if they are still alive. Now her plan is to get Charlie to Galveston, so she can see the beach. Alicia needs something "good" right now, and that is good. They continue on, and find a huge body of water that isn't on the map. The flash-flood area. And though the camera doesn't show us anything, Charlie and Alicia are pleased when they look across the water. Obviously, they have found John and Strand.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Let's meet the Filthy Woman

Her name is Martha, and at some point she and her husband were in a terrible car crash. Eddie is in a similar position as Clayton was last week -- he is basically impaled in the passenger seat. Martha fervently believes someone will come by and help them. Several cars drive by, and they each swerve to avoid having to deal with them. By the next morning, Eddie is zombified, and Martha has to kill him. She drags him out to a field and spends the day digging him a grave with her hands. Night falls, and she begins to lose her mind. Pacing, talking to herself, arguing with herself. Utter madness. In the morning, she meets Stevie, one of the box droppers. But by then it is too late. Martha kills Stevie, believing in her own madness that if you help someone, they won't learn to help themselves. Martha makes it her mission to hunt down the other box droppers and turn them into zombies.


I'm sorry, but every time I hear the name "Martha," I think of that horrible scene in Batman vs. Superman where they stop trying to kill each other when they discover both their moms are named Martha. My grandmother's name was Martha, but you don't see me making a thing of it.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sarah and Wendell's backstories

Wendell lost the use of his legs at age 10, when his friend's ball rolled into the street and the friend ran after it. He didn't see the car bearing down on him, so Wendell pushed the friend out of the way. The friend was fine; Wendell was paralyzed. But it didn't diminish his desire to help people, it only encouraged it. As soon as he graduated, he applied to the Marines, but the recruiting officer laughed him out of the office. That was when he became bitter. Sarah's backstory is a little less well defined, but she was a Marine and left when she found out about Wendell. They have been "siblings" ever since.

How did they get into the hospital?

We open in the hospital, with our crew already established inside. But how did they get in? The only two doors we see -- the front doors and the ambulance bay -- are both overwhelmed by zombies. Not just a handful, but hundreds. Morgan's group must have gotten there with a huge herd on their tail, and gotten in just before the swarm could get them. The zombies then surrounded the building and accumulated enough walkers that they cause the door to collapse inward.