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Fear the Walking Dead: Baseball bombs and the Vultures

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Apr 22, 2018, 10:01 PM EDT

Rather than just recapping the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, each week we are going to break it down into the most interesting, weird, delightful, and mind-boggling bits.

This week, we take a look at episode 402: "Another Day in the Diamond." Check out our break down of last week's episode here.

Fear the Walking Dead episode 402 - Mel of the Vultures

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The Vultures - Saviors 2.0?

We meet what is clearly the "big bad" this season: The Vultures, led by Mel. He has a very Negan-esque feel about him. I am sure in future episodes Mel will distinguish himself - at least, I hope so. He isn't quite as magnetic as Negan... but he also doesn't curse as much. It felt like a tease. "Ok, we are gonna have this big group of dudes show up and keep watch on your compound." I do not believe they are just going to sit around, waiting for the stadium people to die. That seems like a stupid prospect. I want to know more so I can know if I am judging them accurately or not!


I think the main lesson we can learn from Charlie is: never trust children. It turns out that she is Mel's little spy. Seems like a good idea, because after all, people always think of children as pure, sweet, innocent. Clearly Charlie was up to no good... but I don't think she is bad. I think she found some people who were kind enough to take her in and not abuse her, so she is doing what she can to help them.

Fear the Walking Dead episode 402 - Charlie

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The other major character addition this season is Naomi, played by Jenna Elfman. So far, we know nothing about her, other than she is a nurse, and she is distrusting of people. She seems so "in the background" of tonight's episode.

The flags with numbers

So we now know who is leaving them... but what is their purpose? Are the Vultures just using them so they know what areas they already hit? That would explain why the shops in the ghost town were stripped bare. I'd like to think the numbers are a game, keeping score. After all, there are no video games anymore.

The baseball bomb launcher

I understand that the stadium-dwellers use this with a purpose - to lure away the zombies. But come on, how fun would that be to just launch them at zombies for target practice? I want to see this kind of game at every carnival.

Fear the Walking Dead episode 402 - Oil zombies

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Time jump 

I'm still having problems with this. So Madison's group has been at the stadium for one year. Well, I guess that they could have joined later, but for the sake of argument, let's say they have been there for one year. According to the Walking Dead Wiki, when TWD wrapped last week, they were at about 620 days post-apocalypse. FTWD ended last season around day 64. The season premiere of FTWD, when we met John, was set around day 794. So there is a lotof missing time there. Fear has roughly 700 days unaccounted for. 

My theory on the time jump...

...is that the producers are just as lost as the viewers are (well, at least this viewer). So they figure if they just jump back and forth erratically, it will throw everyonefor a loop, and no one will have any idea where they are. Then it doesn't matter. It's all a conspiracy of confusion!

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